Next Gen Shorts

RMIT Cinema, Sunday 24th February, 4pm


This session is restricted to persons over 15 years. It contains strong depictions and themes of violence against women, nudity and sex scenes.

From side-splitting comedy to heart-pounding horror and gut-wrenching true stories, this diverse range of films showcases the creativity and talents of Australia’s up-and-coming filmmakers.

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Ready for a Baby (2017 / 5 mins)

A woman in her thirties has everything in her life is under control, so now is the perfect time to have a baby with her partner. It should be an easy, natural and exciting process… but things don’t go according to plan. Ready For A Baby is an award-winning animation that has screened at over 60 festivals around the world. It was shortlisted for the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Student Film Awards.

Writer / Director / Producer – Anastasia Dyakova

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Feast on the Young (2017 / 13 mins)

A teenage girl, Mina, reluctantly takes a trip to a secluded forest with her dysfunctional family. When she and her little sister Alice venture into the forest in search of a fairy, they unknowingly step straight into a trap – and Mina must find the courage to save her younger sister from the bloodthirsty fairy before she devours them both. A sumptuous fantasy-horror film in the style of Guillermo Del Toro, Feast On The Young won two awards at the 2017 VCA Film and Television Graduate Awards, including Best BFA (FTV) Production and the Sarah Watt Award, awarded to a female directing graduate.

Writer / Director – Katia Mancuso

Producers – Lucy Claire, CJ Welsh

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Ambulance (2018 / 4 mins)

On a seemingly ordinary day, a man suffers a heart attack alone in his apartment. His bereaved sister recalls the final moments of his life, as the ambulance struggles against the busy city traffic to reach him in time. Ambulance is a 3D animation film that explores the powerful and universal themes of loss and grief through a gripping personal story. It premiered at the 2018 St Kilda Film Festival and has screened at the Australian and Melbourne International Animation Film Festivals.

Writer / Director / Producer – Lylah D'Souza

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Cherry (2018 / 10 mins)

Cherry is a coming of age short film that gives insight into the innocent nature of sex through a series of loss-of-virginity stories – ranging from the intimate to the awkward, embarrassing and downright perverse. Conceived as an antidote to the typical glamourisation of sex on-screen, Cherry presents a universal human experience in a realistic way. It premiered at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival and won the People’s Choice Award at the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Directors – Claudia Bailey, Evie Friedrich, Vanessa Bray

Writers – Claudia Bailey, Evie Friedrich

Producers – Claudia Bailey, Tegan Wick


Cloudy with a Chance of Rain (2017 / 7 mins)

A young woman descends into depression and anxiety, personified by the ever-lurking presence of a woman with a rainstick. As she reflects on how she reached this point, she decides that it’s time to take back control of her own feelings. Filmmaker Mieka Thorogood draws on her personal experiences, as well as those of her family and friends, to understand the headspace of someone suffering mental health issues. Part-doco, part experimental, Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain has spread its message of self-love at numerous festivals across Australia – including the Brisbane Short and Sweet Film Festival where it won the People’s Choice Award.

Writer / Director – Mieka Thorogood

Producer – Matt Keen

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How to Write A Screenplay (2018 / 7 mins)

How To Write A Screenplay offers a hilarious step-by-step guide to the writing process, from brainstorming ideas through to writing and re-drafting – with plenty of coffee and procrastination along the way. Filmed in just two-days with over 100 scenes to create a quirky montage style, How To Write A Screenplay uses slapstick humour to deliver a crucial message to aspiring creatives: hard work is worth it in the end. The film was selected as Best Diploma Thesis Film at Sydney Film School in 2017.

Writer / Director / Producer – Cat Sole

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The Stare (2018 / 8 mins) While catching the last train home, a young woman notices a homeless man staring at her from the far end of the carriage. When the train empties out, she is forced to confront her silent tormentor – embarking on a discovery of her inner psyche and sanity as she faces her deepest fears. With a surreal quality that captures the nostalgia of the old Melbourne train line, The Stare tells an unconventional horror story. Centred around the very real issue of domestic violence, it brings a fresh perspective to the way that women can feel suffocated within their own environment.

Director – Louisa Weichmann

Writers – Louisa Weichmann, Kelly Webster

Producer – Orit Novak

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We Vanish (2018 / 23 mins) In a society where violence against women has been normalised, a woman struggles to keep her rebellious teenage daughter safe. When the girl is brutally murdered, her mother puts her own life in danger in order to bring the killers to justice. Filmed in Mexico in Spanish language, We Vanish is an emotional portrayal of the perils women face in their everyday lives – and their strength and resilience in continuing to fight for own empowerment.

Director – Astrid Dominguez

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An Act of Love (2018 / 12 mins) Identical twin sisters share everything: from the clothes they wear to their future dreams of marrying twin brothers. But when one of the twins rebels against their sense of one-ness, their close bond is put to the test. Using a naturalistic style and documentary-feel, An Act Of Love follows an adolescent girl’s struggle to form a sense of identity, navigating her path as an individual amid strong familial bonds.

Writer / Director – Lucy Knox