An exceptional series of short films made by Australian student women. From narrative to animation and documentary, these films are a feast for the senses.

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Recommended for mature audiences


HOUSE PARTY (2017 / 10 mins)

A young woman’s plans for a night of carefree fun and romance are turned upside down when an old schoolmate arrives at the party at her house.

Writer / Director /  Producer - Fiona O'Connell

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RIPTIDE (2016 / 12 mins)

A talented young surfer's world is ripped apart when tragedy strikes, threatening her relationship with friends, family and the ocean.

Writer - Phillip D'Aprile

Director - Chantelle Bertino-Clarke

Producer - Anika Fourie



UNINVITED (2017 / 12 MINS)

Beth is on a journey of self discovery and burgeoning sexuality after she meets Georgia and is forced to decide to either follow her heart or let her concerns about what her friends and society may think affect her.

Writer / Producer - Zoe Blake

Director - Monique Bettello

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ST ELMO (2016 / 18 mins)

In the winter following a devastating bushfire, a father and son attempt to navigate their loss.

Writer / Director - Emily Dynes

Producer - Brooke Guy


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HOMEFUL (2017 / 6 mins)

Homeful is a documentary about the homeless in Melbourne’s CBD that explores the situations contributing to homelessness and why we have so many people on our streets. Breaking down the stigma surrounding homeless people, Homeful tells the story of the hopeful homeless that we look past every day.

Writer / Director - Rosie Eve

Producer - Courtney Davison


NICE GIRLS (2016 / 7 mins)

Nice Girls is a short crime drama about 3 young women who are questioned by police about a murder that has taken place in their small country town.

Writer / Director  - Maddelin McKenna

Producer - Sarah Pellegrino


THE SHADOW BOXER (2016 / 13 mins)

Unable to overcome her sister’s death or compete with her legacy, Lyssa risks sabotaging her own boxing career and personal life.

Writer / Director  - Phoebe Nell Williams

Producer - Hayley Surgenor

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WILD (2017 / 3 mins)

Nothing's going to stand in the way of what Abby wants; not school, not her mum, and definitely not her best friends: Nina and Amiel. They’re skipping last period to get Abby ready, before her boyfriend arrives. But has Abby got everything she needs to be safe?

Writer / Director / Producer - Leticia Cáceres

Cinematographer - Konstandina Koklanis