An exceptional series of short films made by Australian women. From narrative to animation and documentary, these films are a feast for the senses.

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Recommended for mature audiences

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ADELE (2016 / 15 mins)

In the face of an African family tradition imposed on her in Australia, fourteen-year-old Adele is torn between high school and home where she is a wife from an arranged marriage and a mother-to-be.

Writer / Director - Mirene Igwabi

Producer - Grace Julia

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DIVINE INTERVENTION (2017 / 10 mins)

Kiki is sent to a cult-like rehab centre by her highly strung mother, where she maintains a too-cool disposition despite her increasingly questionable surroundings.

Writer / Director / Producer - Laura McKenzie

Producer - Matthew Bird


KISS ME (2016 / 10 mins)

Set in rural Victoria, a young couple goes camping in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Is this really what they want? 

Writer / Director - Lara Gissing

Producer - Frances Mariani


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LIZ DRIVES (2017 / 8 MINS)

For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.

Writer / Director - Mia'kate Russell

Producers - Tim Egan, Cassandra Magrath, Sophia Davey, Mia'kate Russell

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In 1970s Melbourne a group of students made a stand for gay pride at a time when homosexuality was criminalised and discrimination and abuse was widespread. When being gay meant hiding your true self. Where the act of coming out was a radical form of protest. More than 40 years on, Gay Liberation Front members reflect on the impact of those days.

Writers - Lucinda Horrocks, Jary Nemo, Kathie Mayer

Director - Jary Nemo

Producers - Lucinda Horrocks, Kathie Mayer, Jary Nemo,


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Agot Dell, a young woman with a Southern Sudanese heritage moved from Kenya to Australia at 16 and found that people were more interested in Africa than getting to know her as an individual. Agot recalls her experiences of trying to 'fit in' at high school and being the only "black kid" in her class. A chance encounter on a tram with an elderly woman reaffirms Agot's belief in our common humanity and the powerful impact of sharing personal stories with one another.

Writer / Director / Producer - Paola Bilbrough

Producer / Cinematographer - Karen McMullan

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THE BIRTH (2017 / 7 mins)

Home births can be a risky business, particularly if your partner is a bloke on a mission.

Writer / Director / Producer - Sarah Hatherley

Producer - Tony Rogers

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TO PROTECT (2014 / 7 mins)

A women is questioned over the spearing of a man.

Writer / Director - Lyn Chick

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REMARKABLE (2017 / 10 mins)

Elise is a dreamer with ambition, and supported by her best friend Mark, overcomes each of the challenges of growing up as an outcast. She is drawn to math, physics, and a love of the stars – when she sets her sights on applying to Cal-Tech and the NASA space program, can she move beyond the trappings of being an outcast Australian girl, to become the mission specialist she’s always dreamed of being? Who can tell? Certainly not Mark – plus it’s pretty hard for him to explain… seeing as he is a whiteboard.

Writer / Director / Producer - Kim Lodington


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THE ACTOR (2017 / 7 mins)

Three people. Three stories. One day. A short comedy about the trials and tribulations of being a working actor that lifts the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes in an actor’s world. The Actor was shot in one day in one location and entirely on an iPhone 7. 

Writer / Director / Producer - Narelle Nash