An exceptional series of short films made by Australian women. From narrative to animation and documentary, these films are a feast for the senses.

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Recommended for mature audiences

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LIBRARY OF LOVE (2016 / 12 mins)

Isabelle is a hopeless romantic, who spends her days as a librarian reading too many romance novels and dreaming of true love. But can she can pull her nose out of the books long enough to find love in the real world?

Writers - Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds, Kathryn Lefroy

Directors - Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds

Producers - Meg McPherson, Estelle Buzzard, Maya Kavanagh

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LOSING IT (2017 / 7 mins)

Hanging out after school one day, a teenage girl decides to let her best friend in on a secret.

Writer / Director / Producer - Nikki Richardson


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Sir Dancealot is the short story of a knight who tires of Saving Damsels in Distress, preferring to practice his two-step, in a dress. This is the story of “how our knight saved the day, using not his sword, but Classical Ballet”.

Writer / Director - Lana Schwartz

Producer - Atalanti Dionysus


CRESWICK (2016 / 10 mins)

While a young woman helps her father pack up his house, they are both increasingly aware of the presence that they always knew was there.

Writers - Natalie Erika James, Christian White

Director - Natalie Erika James

Producers - Emma Haarburger, Natalie Erika James


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MAN IN THE MOON (2016 / 13 mins)

When an under appreciated single mother intercepts a strange transmission on her pocket radio she suspects that it may be linked to her teenage sons mysterious homemade gaming headset.

Writer / Director - Monique Mulcahy

Producer - Chloe Stannard

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LOST PARADISE (2017 / 5 mins)

The Dead Sea is a place of surreal beauty and unbelievable scope. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Israel and The Middle East and is visited by millions per annum. This magnificent and historic salt lake may not be around for much longer due to a number of coinciding factors and dangerous repercussions. Lost Paradise is a visual montage of the effects of what careless actions and unaddressed issues can have on a place. A sad, yet eye opening example of how years of carelessness can firmly impact a unique and natural landscape.

Director  - Alice Stephens

Director / Producer - Naama Noach

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DANCE CARD (2016 / 6 mins)

Cara has a truth bomb for Gramps; she doesn’t expect him to return fire. But, come on, Gramps lived through the war… Cara and her Gramps fall down the generation gap in this sweet-and-salty comedy.

Writer / Director / Producer - Renee Crea

Producer - Bianca Ritchie

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PANE DI VITA (2017 / 16 mins)

An encounter with some magical Nonnas turns a recipe for disaster into a recipe for success.

Writer / Director - Joanna Joy

Producer - Eloise Walker


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BLACKBIRD (2017 / 13 mins)

Forced to work on a sugar plantation in Queensland, Australia in the late 1800s, a spirited young Solomon Islander journeys into manhood. Amidst severe oppression and loss he must find his will to survive. This film is inspired by the untold story of Australia's Pacific Islander sugar slaves.

Writer / Director - Amie Batalibasi

Producer - VCA