Restricted to persons over 15 years. Strong level sex scenes.

Restricted to persons over 15 years. Strong level sex scenes.

The Second

(2018, 94 mins)

Lido Cinemas, Sunday 24th February, 2:30pm


Q&A with The Second stars Rachael Blake and Susie Porter, and Jade of Death director and producer Erin Good and Taylor Litton-Strain.

The Second is a sexy thriller boasting strong female characters and an impressive ensemble cast including Rachael Blake (Lantana), Susie Porter (Wentworth) and Vince Colosimo (Chopper). Director Mairi Cameron’s stunning debut centres around the successful author of an erotic autobiography, played by Blake. But the façade of her seemingly-perfect life crumbles when a weekend in the country with her publisher boyfriend takes a dangerous turn. The surprise appearance of a childhood friend (Porter) forces the unnamed writer to confront her dark past – and its story of secrets, lies and betrayal.

A Stan Original film, The Second premiered at the Sydney Film Festival and was nominated for a prestigious AACTA Award. It marks the introduction of Mairi Cameron as a major new talent in the Australian cinema landscape.

Director – Mairi Cameron

Writer – Stephen Lance

Producer – Leanne Tonkes


Playing With

Jade of Death (Ep.1, 2018 / 10 mins)

Jade of Death is a supernatural Australian online series centres around a small-town girl with a powerful ability: she can hear when and how people are going to die. In this pilot episode, Jade runs away from her hometown, getting work at a seedy freak show carnival as the “Fortune-Teller of Death” – until she discovers that people are after her. There’s more to her past than she lets on, and there’s more to her abilities than she knows.

One of only ten projects worldwide selected to participate in the Berlinale Short Projects Lab, the series has been nominated for over 50 awards internationally, with multiple wins including Best Series at OUT Webfest 2018 and Best Direction at LA Webfest 2018. A second season is currently in development with ABC and Screen Australia. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and producer.

Writer / Director – Erin Good

Producer – Taylor Litton-Strain